“Why do I need a DUI Lawyer?” So often I get this question from people who have been charged with DUI. The follow up question is always “won’t I get the same outcome anyway?” Well before we get to the outcome, let’s get to the process of going through a DUI charge.

The first thing to remember is that a DUI charge involves two systems: the criminal court system and the MVD system. While you are entitled to a public defender in the criminal court system, you are not entitled to a lawyer in the MVD system. Because your license is automatically suspended within 15 days of a DUI arrest, it is wise to hire an attorney because a lawyer (at least it is my practice) will represent your interests in both court and with the MVD. So when I have a client who has been arrested for DUI immediately I contact the MVD and request a hearing; this way their license does not get suspended after 15 days.

In terms of the court system, DUI’s can be very intimidating and complex to navigate alone. While you are entitled to a public defender, and while they are excellent attorneys, unfortunately they are overworked and given too many cases. By hiring a private attorney you will have the ability to communicate with them. I give all my clients my mobile phone number so they can always get in contact with me. Also I attend their court hearings on their behalf so that they don’t have to miss work to go to court. This allows for them to be able to rest easy knowing that there is someone who is taking care of their case and also that they can contact that person if they need to.

Finally a DUI does not always result in the same outcome. There are many possible issues that can be raised in a DUI charge, resulting in a lesser conviction or even a dismissal. This includes challenging the initial stop, the procedures around the sobriety tests and blood/breath samples, as well as the introduction of mitigating factors. No matter what the outcome I have always had my clients very satisfied that they had someone with them, all the way, representing their needs so that they could continue to live their life without as much worry as they would have had without an attorney. In addition to the Phoenix area, I defend the accused throughout Maricopa County. This includes Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert as well as Pima County residents in Tucson.