Phoenix Defense Attorney Representing Those Accused of Manslaughter and Homicide

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Nothing is more serious than being accused of taking another’s life. Arizona law enforcement and state prosecutors will pursue such matters with the utmost vigour. Cases involving homicide require great attention to detail and legal planning. It is crucial that you hire an attorney who will treat your case with the attention it deserves. Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Bretton Barber devotes his practice to protecting the rights of the accused and fights to protect clients facing non-capital charges. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation on behalf of yourself or a loved one.

Arizona attorney defending those accused of non-capital murder and reckless death

Arizona has several tiers of charges related to the death of another; the punishment for each of these tiers depends on the intent of the responsible party. The lowest level of death-related cases is manslaughter negligent homicide. This offense occurs when a tragedy was the result of a person acting unlawfully, but unaware of any immediate risk of death-for example, if someone under the influence gets into an accident and the other driver dies. The sentence for  negligent homicide ranges from 4-8 years in prison. Additional time may be added if the person has been convicted of prior felonies. Again, this is only the lowest level of death-related charges one may be facing in our state.

Murder in the second degree occurs when the victim is killed without premeditation. The three instances in which one will be charged, in Arizona, with second degree murder are:

  • When a person intentionally causes the death of another person without premeditation
  • While knowing that his conduct will cause the death or serious physical injury, one does cause the death of another person
  • Under circumstances which manifest extreme indifference to human life, a person recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death and thereby causes the death of another person

Second degree murder carries a minimum sentence of ten years in state prison. One facing charges for any crime involving the death of another should seek legal counsel immediately.

Bretton aggressively defends the rights of the accused in such serious matters. He will use your initial consultation to gain your perspective as to what happened. After obtaining the arrest report, and other immediately available evidence, he will work with investigators and visit the scene of the incident to gain a broader understanding of the case. Bretton will also work quickly to file pretrial motions for the suppression of statements and other evidence which may be harmful. He will ensure that the accused is prepared for trial and that they know what to expect. This is a serious charge and one needs a criminal defense lawyer who will take it seriously. We represent defendants in the Phoenix area as well as in other Maricopa County cities such as Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert. We also assist Pima County residents in Tucson. Contact our attorney today.

Phoenix attorney providing a high level of service to those charged with homicide

One of the most common complaints against attorneys are that they fail to stay in contact with their clients. Bretton started the Barber Law Group, in part, to ensure that Phoenix area residents can know that their lawyer will keep them up to date during each step of a serious case. Bretton regularly gives clients his cell phone number and often makes himself available outside of normal business hours so that questions may be answered. He understands that you and your loved ones are facing a difficult situation and he will give that situation the attention it deserves. We are ready to assist you.