Phoenix Lawyer Defending Those Charged With Methamphetamine Offenses

Young man arrested for meth

No narcotic is more aggressively prosecuted in Arizona than is methamphetamine. Law enforcement and prosecutors aggressively pursue charges that are related to methamphetamine while Judges hand out strict sentences. If you have been charged with possessing, selling, or manufacturing methamphetamine then you are facing felony charges. Phoenix criminal defense attorney Bretton Barber aggressively protects the rights of the accused. Contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

Arizona criminal defense attorney representing those charged with possession of meth

Arizona Methamphetamine, or “meth,”  is considered a “dangerous drug” and is within the most serious of our state’s drug classifications. Unlike drug crimes which are considered  “Prop 200” cases, those who are charged with methamphetamine possession are not eligible for automatic probation. Prosecutors may pursue jail and prison time for even first time possession infractions and even a relatively small amount of the drug can carry a presumptive sentence of five years in an Arizona state prison. If you have been charged with such an offense then you are in a serious situation. It is crucial that you hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Bretton Barber is a lawyer who devotes his practice to defending the rights of the accused. As with many other drug related offenses, methamphetamine cases often hinge on search and seizure issues. Once retained we will immediately analyze the arrest reports to determine if a defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated. This may be the case whether one was arrested inside their home, in their car, or while walking down the street. We will file any feasible Motions To Suppress and aggressively examine law enforcement at the evidentiary hearing. Bretton will conduct a thorough investigation and, if necessary, defend you at trial. You are facing extreme charges and we will give the matter the attention it deserves. Call our attorney today. In addition to Phoenix we represent defendants in other Maricopa County cities such as Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert. We also assist Pima County residents in Tucson.

Criminal attorney representing Phoenix defendants accused of selling and manufacturing methamphetamines

Arizona law enforcement aggressively prosecutes those they suspect of selling, transporting, or manufacturing methamphetamines. It is considered a crime to even own equipment that is intended to manufacture meth. Additional charges will be added if a deadly weapon is involved, if gang activity is an issue, or if organized crime is at play. If an issue exists of selling a controlled substance across state lines then one may be facing federal criminal charges in addition to state allegations. Bretton is licensed in the Federal District of Arizona and will assist those facing U.S. government charges in either the Phoenix or Tucson Federal Courts.