Man beting arrestedThis post concludes my series on the handling of felony domestic violence charges in Phoenix, Arizona. I wrote this series so that those accused of such an offense would understand what to expect from the process and in order to convey the serious nature of such charges. This post will serve as a recap to what I have discussed and will also look at why you should contact an attorney immediately.

I have discussed several topics over my recent articles. Subjects I have looked at included:

The main point I have attempted to stress throughout this series is that felony domestic violence charges are very much a “big deal.” Such cases are not a private matter between two ex-partners; these cases involve one facing a felony charge being brought by the State of Arizona. This is an important fact to understand as a conviction can result in incarceration, fines, being labeled as a violent offender, the loss of child custody, and other consequences.

If you have been charged in such a case then you should retain an attorney immediately. Counsel will quickly obtain the arrest reports, witness statements, interview police officers and witnesses, etc. Your lawyer will visit the scene of the incident, identify any potential witnesses, and begin to formulate a defense on your behalf. Any necessary motions will be filed and, in matters involving false accusations, your lawyer will explain to the jury the accuser’s motivations for making such claims. This is a complex process and should not be considered a “do it yourself” project. If you have been charged with felony domestic assault then you should contact an attorney and schedule a consultation.

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