Fingerprint clearance cards are usually a prerequisite for obtaining a professional license in the State of Arizona. Professions like nursing, AART, teaching, and many others will not allow someone to become licensed without a fingerprint clearance card. Even if you do have your fingerprint clearance card, any criminal history can still result in you being unable to get your license because the licensing boards have their own requirements. Given the high stakes, it is often good to have a Phoenix Attorney, where all the hearings for these licenses take place, working for you.

The fingerprint clearance card process is straightforward. Certain offenses make you ineligible no matter what. Other offenses make you ineligible, but you can appeal that denial. With the correct preparation it can be easy to win a “good cause exception” through either a written appeal or, if necessary, a hearing. The same applies to specific licensing boards (like the Board of Nursing). Although it can be a process, having representation at a hearing for your license is essential.

Given what is on the line it is not worth taking a chance on your profession. At the Barber Law Group we work hard on these administrative law cases. First we meet with the client to get a detailed understanding of their past and why they might have trouble getting the license. At that point we go into preparation mode for the hearing, preparing the client for their testimony, possibly setting aside the conviction, and obtaining “mitigation” through letters and carefully selected witnesses. Finally, we go to the hearing and represent you.