Drugs in carThis is the first post in what will be a discussion on defending against drug trafficking charges in Phoenix, Arizona. I have decided to write on this topic due to the fact that there are common issues which often arise in the context of such matters. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney can help residents of our area to ensure that such issues are handled properly. The goal of my coming posts is to provide information which will help people to make a more informed decision when they are selecting counsel. It cannot be stressed enough that you should contact a lawyer immediately if you or a loved one have been arrested.

I will be discussing several topics over my coming articles. Issues which I will look at include:

  • Search and seizure issues which commonly arise in such cases
  • Dealing with confidential informants
  • Taking the case to trial if necessary
  • Arizona’s penalties for drug trafficking

These are important topics for a defendant to understand. First, it is more common than one may think for the police to violate a defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights and to find drugs as a result. Such search and seizure issues, under certain circumstances, may lead to a dismissal of the charges. Second, many trafficking matters result from the police obtaining information through a confidential informant. It is possible, however, to challenge the use of an informant. This challenge can be in the form of arguing that an arrest warrant should not have been issued on the basis of the informant’s information and it is also possible to attack the informant’s credibility at trial. Finally, knowing what to expect from the trial process is crucial to ensuring that things go smoothly.

Contact counsel immediately if you or a loved one have been charged with drug trafficking. It is important to understand that trafficking offenses are taken very seriously by prosecutors. These types of cases are far different than those of simple possession, which can possibly be viewed as an issue of addiction rather than criminal intent. If you are facing trafficking charges then you very well may serve prison time.

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